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South Baldwin Farms is a family owned and operated orchard. Owned by Dave Miles and operated by daughter, Katelyn, and son-in-law Gabe, the farm maintains 70 acres of tree fruit for wholesale as well as U-Pick blackberries and pumpkins. The family takes pride in providing high quality, ripe from the tree peaches and apples to the wholesale market. By maintaining a good relationship with customers, fruit can hit grocery store shelves in as little as 48 hours after harvest, ensuring the freshest produce that buying local can offer. Our young orchard is loaded with new varieties, such as AutumnCrisp, SunCrisp, LudaCrisp, and EverCrisp, that help your display stand out and keep customers coming back. By holding and packing our own fruit, the customer has options for packaging and delivery schedule that works for you. 

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